Deputy Energy Minister of Russia and Head of Russian Grids JSC examine EDF Power Facilities and Paris Power Supply System

Deputy Energy Minister of Russia and Head of Russian Grids JSC examine EDF Power Facilities and Paris Power Supply System 01.07.2014

In Paris today the Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Kravchenko attended the Showroom Smart Grids Grenelle (Presentation Centre of Innovative Equipment) of the EDF Group (Électricité de France), where the CEO of Russian Grids JSC Oleg Budargin introduced him to the joint projects of Russian and French companies.

Furthermore the guests' attention was drawn to the cutting-edge developments in the field of electrical equipment and power consumption audit systems. Together they examined the progress of the EDF subsidiary, known as ERDF, which is responsible for the work of the distribution network of France, the smart grid technologies implementation project and the installation of "smart meters". According to company representatives, before the year 2020, the company plans to supply all its consumers with such energy meters, which would be more than 35 million energy meters. According to French Energy experts, the total amount of investment into this project will exceed 5 billion Euros.

After attending the Showroom Vyacheslav Kravchenko and Oleg Budargin took a look at the Electricity Supply System of Paris and went to the subterranean electrical substation (Ternes model). Owing to the use of modern compact equipment located completely inside underground buildings, substations of this type occupy minimal space, make possible the placing of additional above-ground constructions and, consequently, such substations do not harm the environment, that is why great importance is attached to their installation by Russian Grids JSC in Russia. This will include applying the experience of their French colleagues and using the best international practices.

Afterwards, Oleg Budargin presented diplomas and memorable gifts to EDF employees, who participated in the construction of the new electric grid complex in Sochi and helped to ensure reliable power supply of the sports facilities and the city during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of 2014.

Oleg Budargin also spoke to and presented souvenirs to EDF team members who won the International Youth Round Table on Energy in 2014 which Russian Grids JSC traditionally holds as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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