Russia’s first cutting-edge French electrical equipment installed in Tomsk region

Russia’s first cutting-edge French electrical equipment installed in Tomsk region 20.06.2014

A subsidiary of Russian Grids, the Tomsk Distribution Company as managed by Électricité Réseau Distribution France Vostok (part of the EDF-IN Group), has implemented a project to install the first cutting-edge French equipment in Russia in the Tomsk region.

Two new 10/0.04 kV packaged transformer substations with an output of 250 kVA as manufactured by French company Groupe Cahors S. A. have been installed in the Bogashevsky and Shegarsky districts of Tomsk region.

The implementation of this pilot project is being monitored by ERDF Vostok, which has been named the sole executive of Tomsk Distribution Company OJSC.

One of the differences between French and Russian equipment is that all current-carrying production elements are insulated and hidden under reliable protection. This protects the equipment, lowering the chances of theft and any unauthorised persons entering the facility.

Furthermore, the substations are equipped with an oil storage tank which prevents transformer oil from contaminating the surrounding environment. The technical features of the transformers decrease energy losses and maintenance costs. The facility’s equipment has also been adapted for the region’s harsh weather conditions, which will increase the reliability of electricity supplies to consumers and improve safety during equipment maintenance.

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The Russian power grid complex has been cooperating with the EDF Group since 2010. In 2012, executive power over the Tomsk Distribution Company was transferred to ERDF Vostok. 

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