Russian Grids and Expocenter announced new joint project: the Rugrid-Electro international electricity forum

Russian Grids and  Expocenter announced new joint project: the Rugrid-Electro international electricity forum 27.05.2014

The inaugural Rugrid-Electro international electrical forum will be held at Moscow's Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya from 15 October to 17 October. It will be the largest convention and exhibition event in the industry, and it is being organized by Russian Grids along with Expocenter.

The agreement regarding the staging of the forum was signed on 27 May as part of the annual exhibition Electro-2014. The signatories were Russian Grids’ first deputy general director for technical policy, Roman Berdnikov, and Expocenter CEO Sergei Bednov.

"At present, the electrical power industry manages a variety of complicated tasks under a severe rate crunch. With that in mind, Rugrid-Electro aims to become the largest platform for discussion and development of the high-performance solutions that will determine the development strategy of electrical power today and tomorrow," Berdnikov said during the signing ceremony for the agreement.

The forum will bring together a wide range of disciplines under one roof, including electrical power equipment, automation, energy, construction and engineering, electrical and fire protection, investment and financing instruments, education and science .

A variety of current issues will be represented at the forum. Promising developments and innovations in such areas as power grid equipment, electrical control systems and telecommunications networks for smart-grid facilities will be covered, as will technological development issues in the industry.

Bednov said the organizers of the Rugrid-Electro international electrical forum are sure that as this huge event's convention and exhibition activities unfold, the atmosphere will support the main goal of the joint project. That goal is to demonstrate the potential for innovation and provide a venue for Russian and foreign companies in the electricity sector to share experiences and advanced technologies in order to ensure sustainable and effective development of the industry.

N.B. The Rugrid-Electro forum is an organic union of the two leading international industry events: Russia's flagship electrical power exhibition, Electro, which has been held since 1972, and the International Electricity Forum RUGrid 2014: Innovations in Energy (before 2014 was part of UPGRID).

The forum will be organized as follows:

*Exhibition. The largest international industry exhibition platform to showcase advanced Russian and foreign developments and technologies.

*Congress. The congress will be attended by heads of ministries and departments, the No. 1 at various electricity companies, heads of banks and financial corporations, industry experts, renowned scientists, representatives of international business and the media.

*Innovation competition. A special program within the forum framework for young entrepreneurs and innovators. It includes meetings with representatives of investment and venture capital funds, round tables and technical seminars.

*Expert level dialogue. The forum provides a special platform for dialogue between leaders: the VIP Summit. The forum offers guests a unique opportunity to participate in an open dialogue with officials and experts on the most pressing issues in the development of the electrical power industry.

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