Russian Grids is to build smart grids in New Moscow

Russian Grids is to build smart grids in New Moscow 23.05.2014

Russian Grids’ General Director Oleg Budargin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a contract for providing power to the areas annexed into Moscow.

Anticipated development in New Moscow envisions the creation of up to 1 million new jobs, the construction of 100 million square meters of real estate and a population increase of up to 1.5 million.

Thus the need for power generation capacity will increase by several times.

Projects in the works for the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts of Moscow include:

- Construction of a 5 kV substation, 12 220 kV substations, 130 km. of 500 kV transmission lines (including 43 km in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts), 250 km of 220 kV power lines and 23 power stations

- Reconstruction of six 220 kV substations

Russian Grids’ cooperation will be critical to the fulfillment of these plans.

As stipulated, Moscow agreed to grant rights of way for utilities in the land use planning process. The city will also provide industrial site plans regarding the placement of electrical facilities as well as project documentation for the construction of said facilities.

In addition, the city will set aside areas for construction of power hubs and distribution points.

For its part, Russian Grids will coordinate the grid development with plans for engineering infrastructure development and a targeted investment program in Moscow.

The agreement provides for the creation of smart grids in New Moscow that derive their power from solar panels with power storage systems. Charging stations for electricity-powered modes of transportation, including electric buses, are part of the agreement as well.

Creating smart grids will allow the city to:

- Anticipate extraordinary situations and respond more quickly

- control the threshold of the power grid and automatically switch the load

- make human error less likely

- reduce distribution losses by 2-3%

In June 2013, the Russian Energy Ministry, Russian Grids and the city Moscow signed an agreement according to which an integrated installation for electrical connection will be introduced in the capital.

The goal is to further cut through the red tape involved in hooking up to the municipal power grid.

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