Russian Grids, Lenenergo, and Agricultural University signed agreement to create federal testing center

Russian Grids, Lenenergo, and Agricultural University signed agreement to create federal testing center 22.05.2014

Russian Grids, Lenenergo and St. Petersburg Agrarian University formalized an agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to create an electrical equipment testing center in St. Petersburg.

The instrument was signed by Russian Grids’ General Director Oleg Budargin, Lenenergo CEO Andrei Sorochinskiy and the university's rector, Viktor Yefimov.

The agreement specifies that the creation of the center will involve collaboration, including on issues pertaining to land and property rights. The parties agreed to draw up a cooperation agreement, which will define the role of each party in areas such as dealing with the federal government and choosing the campus site on which the center will be built. In addition, Russian Grids, Lenenergo and the university will team up to offer training and retraining for specialists and design a curriculum for the center. Particular attention will be given to the development of a full-time program to train electrical technicians of all levels for the Northwestern Federal District and other regions.

Per the agreement, Lenenergo and Russian Grids will have university faculty at their disposal to complete scientific and production obligations. The cooperation agreement is expected to be signed no later than three months from the date of the agreement of intent.

“Russian Grids initiated the project, which is important for both St. Petersburg and the country. We have quite a difficult task to address in terms of the time we have to get it done. We must start construction of the center in the first half of 2015,” said Sorochinskiy during the signing ceremony.

The center will be the first in the country to focus on testing high-voltage equipment. It will conduct a full battery of tests required by domestic and international standards. The equipment at the center will also enable the development of test methodologies, standards and regulations as well as controlled testing of equipment following accidents and malfunctions.

The arrival of the Russian federal testing center will improve the efficiency of all electrical facilities, help reduce equipment imports, and promote competition in the electrical equipment market. And the last but not the least is the fact that it will serve as a barrier that keeps deficient electrical goods away from the Russian market.

The new center will be located in St. Petersburg. The deciding factors in the site choice were availability of the necessary infrastructure, logistics of shipping the testing equipment, the competencies of the local workforce, and availability of land. The center is scheduled to start operating by the end of 2017.

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