Russian Grids and Oboronenergo signed agreement for supplying power to Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Grids and Oboronenergo signed agreement for supplying power to Russian Defense Ministry 22.05.2014

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian Grids and Oboronenergo inked a deal to supply power for the military infrastructure of the Russian Defense Ministry and provide the ministry with links to electrical grids. The document was signed by Russian Grids’ general director, Oleg Budargin, and Oboronenergo CEO Andrei Lukin.

"For us, Oboronenergo is a partner, a company that, like Russian Grids, is a professional manager of electrical power. The agreement we signed today is crucial to our efforts to consolidate and restore order to power transmission. We hope that this will quickly bring about the level of reliability that is required of the country's energy grid," said Budargin during the signing ceremony.

The agreement provides for cooperation between Russian Grids Group and Oboronenergo. It addresses such issues as electrical infrastructure needs at Defense Ministry sites, grid connection capability and power transmission. It also enjoins the parties to coordinate diverse investment programs with the reforms and evolution of the armed forces as well as the development of the unified nationwide energy grid.

The agreement contains a provision for development of energy-efficient and renewable-energy technologies and broad application of those technologies in the construction and renovation of military infrastructure.

In conjunction with that, military installations will begin tracking their power consumption with state-of-the-art metering devices.

An important area covered in the agreement is the promise of mutual efforts to eliminate service interruptions and provide each other with the technicians, tools and equipment called for should the need arise.

Russian Grids and Oboronenergo further agreed to constantly exchange information so they can minimize the risk of emergencies and prevent outages or accidents.

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