Head of FAS Igor Artemyev stresses high-level procurement procedures of electric grid companies

Head of FAS Igor Artemyev stresses high-level procurement procedures of electric grid companies 11.04.2014
Issues related to the procurement policies of electric grid companies were discussed during head of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev's meeting with the representatives of JSC Russian Grids and its subsidiary – Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (FGC UES). Among positive practices, the head of the FAS of Russia noted the high level of procurement procedures regulation and a wide use of electronic procurement (up to 99%) increasing the openness of the procurer's and bidders' activities, and the possibility of rebidding, which enables carrying out bidding procedures in a much more transparent manner.

The introduction of the advanced methods of procurement activity resulted in the fact that the JSC Russian Grids Group, as a whole, saved more than 10% of the initial procurement price, and that is congruent with the best savings indicators for public procurement.

In 2013, the total procurement volume of JSC Russian Grids and its subsidiaries and affiliates stood at 49.8 thousand procurement procedures, with the economic effect of competitive procedures amounting to 42.6 billion roubles.

As a promising area for the future work in addition to discussing the procurement policy comments, prepared by the FAS of Russia and aimed at the further improvement of this policy, the parties agreed on the need to change the mechanism for equipment assessment as a preliminary stage of procurement procedures, which ensures the adequate quality and reliability of the equipment supplied, but which today constitutes a barrier to participation in bidding, particularly for smaller suppliers.

“Today our task is to develop a model procurement activity regulation which can be universally applied for procurements by the state-owned and non-state companies which are interested in improving their procurement activity,” Igor Artemyev said following the meeting.


In 2013, the rating agency Expert RA awarded JSC Russian Grids the 'High Quality of Procurement Activity Management' quality rating. The forecast is “positive”. Besides, the company won the “National Procurement Transparency Ranking 2013”, became the Grand Prix winner at the annual contest “Leader of Competitive Procurement 2013” and was awarded the title “Company of the Year in the Field of Competitive Procurement”. The company also received an award in the nomination “Information Openness of Procurement Activity”.

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