French ERDF audit pointed out Russian Grids high degree of readiness for the 2014 Olympics

French ERDF audit pointed out Russian Grids high degree of readiness for the 2014 Olympics 17.01.2014
Results of Sochi grid complex verification.

An independent audit of the functioning of the Sochi power grid complex, conducted by the French ERDF East Company showed high availability of facilities for peak loads during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014.

This is the opinion expressed by experts of ERDF East Kuafe Alan and Jean-Luc Fraisse during today’s working meeting in Sochi with the general director of Russian Grids, Oleg Budargin.

In their report, representatives of the French company named Russian Grids’ adopted technical solutions for the modernization of Sochi electric grid complex sound, and they said that the quality of performed energy work is very high. According to the auditors, all possible measures have been taken to ensure the maximum security of power supply for the forthcoming Games and Sochi residents.

ERDF East experts stressed that Russian Grids Group of Companies installed in Sochi the most modern equipment, which is now widely exploited by the leading countries of the world and has a high safety coefficient.

According to the auditors, highly professional staff, with an excellent level of training, is concentrated in Sochi that gives every reason to believe that neither the Olympic facilities, nor the urban population will experience any problems with the power supply during the upcoming competitions.

During the audit, close attention was paid to the organization of Sochi grid complex management, especially in the Olympic period. French colleagues concluded that the established system, including the power-supply control center of the city and Russian Grids Situation Analysis Center, is capable of providing coherent and efficient cooperation of specialists, responsible for the uninterrupted power supply of the city and sports infrastructure.

Summarizing the complex verification, ERDF East executives said that they considered that Russian Grids Group of Companies did an enormous work in the modernization of the Sochi electric grid complex.

“This project can rightly be considered unique in the world, taking into account the very tight schedule of its implementation”, said the ERDF representatives.

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