5th Annual Shareholder/Investor Relations Seminar Held for Russian Electric Grid Companies

rename_IMG_6660.JPGThe 5th annual shareholder/investor relations seminar for Russian electric grid companies took place at Skolkovo on February 28, discussing the key areas of shareholder/investor relations for 2014.

The seminar consisted of three major sessions discussing the strategic goals of Russian Grids development for 2014 as well as topical issues of shareholder/investor relations with respect to disclosing information, raising debt capital, placing bonds, and obtaining a credit rating as the main factors in making Russian Grids subsidiaries more attractive to investors.

In his welcoming remarks to the seminar, Russian Grids’s Director of the Department for Corporate Governance and Shareholder and Investor Relations Denis Guryanov noted the importance of planning and carrying out effective measures to maintain shareholder/investor relations and of ensuring effective two-way communications with professional securities market participants.

During the first session on the strategic goals of Russian Grids development for 2014, Head of the Strategy Implementation Division Andrey Lisavin told the participants about plans to implement the Strategy for Development of the Electric Grid Sector. He spoke about the major targets of the sector’s development as well as the goals that should be pursued to achieve them and described the current status of measures to improve the applicable laws in order to implement the Strategy and the specific efforts made by both Russian Grids and its subsidiaries.

The second session included speeches by representatives of Depositary and Corporate Technologies (DCT) and Moscow Exchange’s Listing Department Director Oksana Derisheva. The DCT analysts told the audience about the situation in the stock market of electric grid companies. The session focused on the reform of securities listing.

Representatives of the Department for Corporate Finance and Gazprombank spoke at the final session on debt capital markets. The participants discussed a centralized approach in debt capital markets and the importance of a credit rating as a factor in making the Company more attractive to investors.

The seminar received high praise from the participants. Such events are a unique platform for sharing experience and raising the professional level of the leading members of IR teams of Russian electric grid companies.

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The annual IR seminar is aimed at enhancing the qualifications and professional level of shareholder relations personnel.

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