Russian electric grid companies and Siemens strengthen cooperation

Russian electric grid companies and Siemens strengthen cooperation 04.06.2013 Oleg Budargin, FSK EES Chairman of the board and Peter Lesher, Siemens company Chairman of the board signed up a number of agreements aimed at reliability increase and Russian power network complex modernization. The meeting was held on the 4th of June under the aegis of Siemens company market presence 170th anniversary.

Futhermore, a memorandum of cooperation under the matters of implementation innovation solutions in power grid complex was concluded. Sides are to work jointly on the matters of modernization of power grid complex in St. Petersburg and in Smolenskaya area. 

Agreement provides for the modernization of power mains in St.Petersburg` central area and secondary equipment power mains Lenenergo reconstruction. Construction of a new substation 110 kV “Milovidovo” and its joint distributive network 6-10 kV with Smart Grid technology was planned.

A long-term electro-technical supply agreement was signed by FSK EES and Siemens Transformer companies. It also provides production to be localized in Russia. According to agreement sides are to cooperate in power industry so to implement innovative technologies into. It was also mentioned that FSK EES company is interested in equipment produced in Siemens factory in Voronezh, particularly 110 kV and 220 kV transformers.

Oleg Budargin thanked reliable longstanding cooperation with German partners. He has also announced about 500 kV “Pakhra” substation renaming to 500 kV “Siemens” substation thanks to company`s contribution in the development of Russian power industry.

500 kV Pakhra substation with the capacity of 750 MVA was build in 1963. This is the biggest one in the vicinity of Moscow. Reliability of power supply to Moscow, the region, Domodedovo, Podolsk, Vidnoe and Stupino cities depends it.

Today FSK EES together with Siemens company are working on its reconstruction. Its installed transformer capacity is expected to increase twice after the work completed. It should increase power supply reliability of region that will allow new consumers connect to the power grid.

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