Dividend Policy of PJSC ROSSETI

The Dividend Policy of PJSC ROSSETI is based on the strict observance of the shareholder rights provided by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and the Articles of Association and internal documents of the Company and is oriented toward making the Company more attractive to investors and raising its market capitalization.

On November 18, 2014, the Board of Directors of the Company approved the Regulations for Dividend Policy of PJSC ROSSETI (restated version).

Dividend Payment History of PJSC ROSSETI in 2008–2013
Year of Dividend Payment Share Type Declared Dividends per Share, rubles Amount of Declared Dividends, rubles Amount of Paid Dividends, rubles Percentage of Paid Dividends*
2008 Not paid
2009 Not paid
2010 Not paid
2011 ordinary shares
preference shares 0.05 103,757,469.20 100,131,913.40 96.51
2012 ordinary shares
preference shares 0.07 145,260,456.88 139,864,550.15 96.29
2013 ordinary shares
preference shares 0.08 166,011,950.72 159,878,045.68 96.31

* Dividends were paid to all of the persons included on the dividend payee list, excluding the persons failing to provide such accurate and complete details as necessary for dividend payment.